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The GNU Project is an open source initiative founded by Richard Stallman in 1978, the original purpose was to create a free operating system. The freedom Stallman is referring to doesn’t necessarily mean free of cost, but freedom of the ability to run, copy, distribute, change, or improve the software. In 1983 Stallman announced the GNU Linux project and in 1985 he cofounded the Free Software Foundation. The GNU Linux project created a Unix-like (multi-user operating system) operating system created with source code that’s able to be copied, modified, and redistributed. Stallman had a copyleft concept, instead of privatizing software, it becomes a means of keeping software free.




All scripting languages are programming languages, but not all programming languages are scripting languages. The theoretical difference between scripting and programming languages is that scripting languages don’t require the compilation step, they are interpreted by the end-user. There are many different types of scripting languages, but the five that I have heard about the most are: JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Perl.

WEB 1.0 > WEB 2.0 > WEB 3.0: